Tag: Arella Bell

Don’t Fuck My Boyfriend

Cheer Practice was difficult for Ella, she had split up with her boyfriend earlier that day so she invited her friend, Arella, back to her place afterward to hang out. Ella has an ulterior motive as she knows that Arella was responsible for the break-up, after discovering texts and more incriminating evidence that she had…

Pee Pee Princess Punished

PEE PEE PUNISHED PRINCESS Arella is the apple of her Daddy’s eye and he won’t punish her unless necessary. He received a call from the school about an incident during classes that embarrassed him as it brought the family name into disrepute… Will she admit that she peed her panties or not? When she arrives…

Going Viral

Schoolgirl Arella finds herself in the Headmaster’s office, having seriously abused her mobile phone privileges at the expense of a sensitive and internet un-savvy teacher. Serious punishment awaits Arella courtesy of the Headmaster’s strap across her bottom. More Previews from this Studio

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