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Going Viral

Going Viral Free video with Arella Bell and Paul Kennedy from Northern Spanking Schoolgirl Arella finds herself in the Headmaster’s office, having seriously abused her mobile phone privileges at the expense of a sensitive and internet un-savvy teacher. Serious punishment awaits Arella courtesy of the Headmaster’s strap across her bottom. Full Length Quality Version Here…

Toasted Buns

Northern Spanking Classics – Toasted Buns David is having some problems with his Au Pair but he knows what the solution is… Spank her and severely cane her of course! Surprisingly it seems that Jenna is not averse to the idea either! Full Length Quality Version Here

My Life

Northern Spanking Classics – My Life Amelia Jane Rutherford is to be punished for breaking a rule… This was a very special film for us. Amelia Jane and Stephen beautifully captured the emotion of a real Domestic Discipline-involved couple perfectly, and we believe this scene to be pure magic. Full Length Quality Version Here

CARELESS CLEO Cleo forgot to turn off the tap before leaving for school this morning and flooded the bathroom! Now she finds herself having an early bedtime and a spanking to go with it. Watch as Cleo has her jammies taken down and her bottom smacked, first with Paul’s hand and then with her hairbrush….

BREATHLESS XENA Xena has been very careless and left her asthma inhaler at home. Having borrowed a replacement and ensuring Xena is OK, Paul decides she needs to be punished for placing herself at risk. This lesson is delivered across the seat of Xena’s pink panties, with first Paul’s hand and then her mother’s hairbrush…

Quiet Please Harley has invited Alex, Linny and Maddie for a sleepover. When their games become too noisy, Paul steps in to restore order and send the girls to bed with very sore bottoms Full Length Quality Version Here

Burn Book

Burn Book Schoolgirl sisters Stevie and Skylar’s dad discovers their “Burn Book”, with heated consequences for their bottoms! Full Length Quality Version Here

Victorian Birching

Northern Spanking Classics – Victorian Birching One of our ‘Model’s Fantasies’ Series. Zoe, who has appeared in Kane Magazine, this gorgeous Aussie girl fantasized of old English punishments, particularly those of the Victorian maid. She rather fancied herself as a maid servant to a firm but fair Master, and had always wanted to be flogged,…

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