Lorraine Ansell Pleasure Not Pain

One of the perks of editing Kane magazine is being able to meet the girls in person, and of course take photographs of them. Recently I had the pleasure, and it really was a pleasure to take pictures of Lorraine, who had turned up at the Kane office in her school uniform.

Now I don’t know why, but for some reason, every time I do a photo-session, the girl always tries to turn the tables on me, and Lorraine was no exception. Needless to say I am a little perturbed as to why this is the case. Not only that, Lorraine managed to give me a right old crack across the rear with the Governess cane – thank the Lord I have a fat wallet that cushioned the blow. Now this sort of behaviour is just not on. If you’ve been one of the lucky one’s who have met Lorraine in the flesh you will understand what I’m up against.

However, revenge is sweet, and there’s only one way to make a girl’s bum red and striped, well two ways if you’re one of those horrendous magazines that fake marks on bums, and that is to spank and cane it, and to spank and cane it hard! And as Josie decided that she had more important things to do than spank Lorraine the task was left to me.

Oh yeah, real fun! But have you tried taking timed photos! Well let me tell you it isn’t easy. But then, I mustn’t complain because caning Lorraine’s cute bum was real fun. And if you don’t believe it happened, check out Kane eighty-two where you will see Lorraine not only in her school uniform, but also with a delightfully striped and sore bum…

C’est la vie my friends, c’est la vie…


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