The Taming Of The Shrews ~ The Bride

For Jane, it seemed that her dreams were about to come true. Browsing through the contact section of her current copy of Kane Magazine during her mid morning coffee break, the section which attracted her attention read:

‘Wealthy widower. In his mid thirties. For fun loving relationship with a young lady ready to enjoy all the good things in life with similar ideas and ready to give her all etc, etc, etc.

To Jane, a latin born beauty in her early twenties, the offer drew the response intended. She reached across the table for her pen and writing pad.

Dear fun loving gentleman, I saw your plea in this month’s edition of Kane ‘

And thus the start of a beautiful relationship materialised. Over a romantic dinner, some three months later, John lit two cigarettes in the Paul Henreid / Bette Davis tradition and handed one over to the girl of his dreams.

Are you sure that you want to make this commitment. I’m not rushing you, am I?’ he questioned.

Jane shook her head.

‘I’ve never been so sure of any thing in my whole life. You just name the day.’

A smile of sheer bliss spread across John’s face, slightly shadowed a moment later as he broached the next question.

And are you sure that you’ll be able to cope with an energetic teenage step daughter?’

Jane reached out across the dinner table and closed her hand over John’s.

‘Darling. It’s going to be terrific. She’ll be more like a younger sister to me than a daughter. I’m sure we’ll get along like a house on fire.’

John gazed into his fiance’s eyes. Hearts and flowers positively swirling around his head.

‘I’ve waited for this so long. Cindy has always wanted a sister. Her mother and I were not able to give her this.’

He brought Jane’s hand up to his lips and gently kissed the outstretched fingers

The white wedding was everything a young bride desired. But for John, the icing on the cake came, when, festivities over, he had his new wife to himself on their bridal night.

Laying back on the bed, he feasted his eyes on the luscious curvaceous body of Jane as she seductively divested herself of the shimmering bridal gown. Her gaze met her husband’s.

‘Do you like what you see?’

John gulped at the thought of the delights in store for him that night.

‘Am I going to receive my wedding present?’

Jane nodded, and moved toward him. Her arms encircled his neck. John, heart bursting with anticipation, gently pushed her away to arms length.

‘Not yet my love. We have our own little private ceremony to attend to first. Haven’t we?’

Jane smiled down at her spouse.

‘Yes my darling Please.’

John moved to a suitable position and patted his knees.

‘Over here my love.’ ‘

Jane obediently draped herself across his lap and waited with heightened anticipation as his hand took careful aim over her creamy white orbs.

‘That has to be the most beautiful wedding present a man can have,’ whispered John. ‘Come up here and kiss me.’

Jane looked up over her shoulder toward her husband.

‘Now I also want my special wedding present. Let me feel the kiss of our friend.’

John gently lifted his wife from his lap. Rising, he crossed toward the dressing table. Jane positioned herself over the

side of the bed in readiness for the delights to come.

‘Are you sure that you really want this tonight?’ asked John, his face gleaming as he ran the whippy rattan through his hand.

‘Oh, please. You know what it does to me,’ answered Jane. John smiled.

‘Only too well. I think at least a dozen, nicely spaced out, don’t you think?’

Jane nodded enthusiastically, clenching her teeth as the first stroke whistled through the air.

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