Wicked Whippings Live

Wicked Whippings Live, Discipline And Punishment

Looking for some archive material I came across the advert and accompanying text of a Kane spanking party from the year 2000 -. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures and reading about the event as much as I enjoyed finding the files.

…and that’s what the first half of our may 2000 show is all about, punishment and discipline! Playing the part of Mandy our new girl KaraJayne is spanked and thrashed with the cane by her headmaster Mr Barton, for playing truant – and boy does our new girl get her bottom caned hard, leaving her striped and swollen from the cane’s unforgiving bite.

Today must have been Mr Barton’s lucky day for he has just dismissed a sobbing Mandy when to his surprise two ravishing schoolgirls enter Tinkerbelle, played by Lesley, and, Julie, played by the stunning Samantha Johnson. The headmaster is bemused! The girls left his school two years ago – so why are they now in his office? They have returned because they miss having their bottoms warmed. And does Mr Barton oblige them? He certainly does with a most vigorous and energetic application of swishy, stingy rattan to their bare nubile bottoms.

I’ll be adding pictures KaraJayne, Debbie Hoare aka Brandi being spanked along with pictures of Sue Ellis as a spanked secretary and a matron who spanks her nurses.

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