Three Naughty Skoolgirls

We recently stumbled across files from the original Kane website and have recreated the advert page as near as possible for the Three Naughty Skoolgirls video.

You can purchase this video in its entirety on our clips4sale or if you have a favourite scene you can purchase

The Truant – Lorraine Ansell
The Bully – Brandi Bailey
The Cheat – Lesley Saye

As individual clips

Our new video features not one, not two but just as the title says three naughty schoolgirls each in a one on one situation with Kane’s strict headmaster Mr. Barton.

Each of the three twenty minute films tells a different story.

The first film is entitled ‘The Truant’ and features the gorgeous Lorraine as schoolgirl number one Julie Sapsford.

Our second schoolgirl is the beautiful blonde Brandi who incidentally starred in our classic school tale ‘The Beak, The Mistress, and The Schoolgirls’ along side Sam Johnson and Sue Ellis. Brandi plays the part of Jane Fisher in ‘The Bully’.

The third and final film ‘The Cheat’ stars Lesley Saye as Jilly Watson.

As we don’t want to spoil your first viewing of this triple bill of schoolgirl discipline we are not going to give you the story line.

If you would like to see Lorraine receive one of the longest canings we have filmed; watch Brandi squirm from the impact of the plimsoll and the tawse and then receive a severe caning upon her naked rear; see Lesley slippered with the plimsoll, be walloped with the tawse and then thrashed with the cane then this video is for you.

The price of this video is just £60, plus £1.50 P&P which these days is just the price of a tank of petrol, so go on, be a devil and give yourself a well-earned treat.

Being Kane we also give you the chance to own the very knickers worn by Lorraine, Brandi and Lesley who have signed and dated each pair, in the making of this video, that’s the very same blue school knickers that each girl wore while being spanked, slippered, strapped and caned. If you want to own a pair of these order them now as we only have one pair available from each girl and once they are sold they are gone forever. The price of owning a unique piece of Kane history is just £25 per pair – so hurry!

All of the pants are sold

Kane Magazine by Harrision Marks

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