The Kane Assignment

Featuring: Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell), Anne Proto and Chris Miller.

Assignment Kane Magazine. The directive from the boss; A stunning picture set to link with the latest video, just about to be produced. Chris, one of the publications key photographers had been given the much sort after commission, with a pointed memo from the Guv’nor, that his subject was a very ‘V. I. P.’ A lady renowned as the Queen of CP both in Britain and the United States. Very definitely kid glove treatment, if you can use that expression when talking about CP.

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To assist, and take part in the photo session, Chris’ wife Anne, already a firm favourite with Mane enthusiasts, having played the strict disciplinarian in such Kane videos as ‘Problem Girls’ and ‘Audition’. She was now to partner the Star!

Came the day of the shoot following a night out on the town. The husband and wife team, still between the sheets, were, decidedly running late. Mainly due to the attraction of Anne’s spankable bottom which Chris could never resist when offered so seductively. There was surely time for him to attend to this (and who wouldn’t) before events of the day took off.

Not to worry. Chris had everything under control and well organised by the time a knock at the door announced the arrival of the prima artiste! Anne hurried down to the front door to admit their guest. An excited babble of voices floated up to the lounge where Chris waited expectantly.

Anne ushered a stunningly petite brunette into the room. ‘Chris, this is my girlfriend Paula – Paula Meadows. We’re old buddies from way back. Why didn’t you tell me it was THE Paula Meadows we would he working with today?’ Chris had to admit that he hadn’t caught the name when H.M.’s secretary had phoned to arrange the picture session.

The girls were naturally over the moon at this surprise reunion. More so that they would be working together as they apparently had done sometime in the past. The chemistry between the two was electric, and Chris, not wanting to let the impetus simmer down, ushered the girls to the bedroom to change into the outfits they would be wearing for the shoot. Giggling and chattering, the girls entered the bedroom, and after laying out their costumes stripped down to the buff to don the very erotic gear ordered for the shoot. Paula looked across towards Anne. ‘God. Your figure hasn’t altered one inch since I saw you last. You’re still as lovely as, ever.’

She crossed the room to cradle Anne’s firm upturned breasts in her hands. Her lips went down to feather a kiss across extended nipples. Anne sighed with pleasure. ‘I remember you use to do this to me when we first met. And do you remember how I use to spank your bottom for being such a naughty girl?’ Paula certainly did remember! ‘And your hands were like steel…. And it seems as though I will be getting the same treatment from you today. Won’t I?’

‘And more.’ Anne replied.

Paula drew her friend across the bed.

‘Well, I think that I should get a little of my own back for past punishments before we start. Don’t you?’ Anne nodded in hopeful anticipation.

Bells rang and the earth moved for these two adorable girls during the following quarter of an hour as alabaster orbs turned to rosy red, and it was only the voice of Chris calling which brought them out of their sapphic revelry and back to terra firma! ‘Come along… Get your bum up Paula,’ ordered Chris, focusing his lens on the target of the day.

Paula, now attired in her leather and chain slave girl costume, edged her way round for the cameraman to get a fuller view of the rear. Anne meanwhile, now dressed in a slinky black rubber mini dress, selected an ominous looking tawse from the selection of implements arrayed on a nearby table.

Swishing it through the air to judge the weight and balance, she made ready to wield the instrument to its best effect.

The only sounds in the room now were the automatic wind on from the camera, the sound of leather striking skin, and the muffled sighs Of Paula, knuckle clenched between teeth, stifling a more explosive recognition that Anne was performing to the utmost satisfaction! Not so for Chris however. He had a more stimulating programme planned! ‘For Christ’s sake Anne. Give me that tawse. I’ll show you how it should be done!’

Grabbing the instrument from his wife’s hand, he proceeded to demonstrate to the already proficient Anne how the bum tickler should be applied! Paula leapt a foot off the stool where she was positioned like a jackrabbit!

Chris warmed to the task in hand, now assisted by Anne who, carried along by the momentum of the occasion, succeeded in holding Paula in position.

It will be noted that sans a third assistant, Chris carried away by this unexpected situation had totally lost sight of the fact that there was no one taking pictures! However, a phone call saved Paula’s bottom from further punishment. A drama had arisen at the film-processing laboratory necessitating the immediate presence of Chris. ‘I’ll he back with you within the hour and we can finish the shoot’ he explained to the girls.

‘Make yourselves a cup of coffee and relax until I get back.’

Paula tenderly soothing her flaming rear with gentle hands watched him leave the room. ‘COFFEE! He must he bloody joking. What I need is a good double brandy.’ She turned to Anne. ‘Where the hell did you find him? He’s a bloody sadist.’

Anne moved towards her. ‘Don’t worry darling, I’ll get you a large double. How’s that. To be honest, I could use one myself and I’ll also fetch some soothing cream from the bedroom. Your poor bottom looks as though it could use it.

Two hours later, and a bottle of the finest brandy gone, Chris returned to find two very happy sozzled ladies in full tilt on the studio couch! Chris’ fury can only be likened to a volcanic eruption, whereas four defenceless bum cheeks received a treatment second to none. Only to he halted when a weak little feminine voice, from whom remains a question unanswered, suggesting that the chastisement, perhaps, could be continued – in the bedroom.

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