Night Howls ~ Tales From The Headmaster’s Study

The first time I met JoJo was at the Cheers themed restaurant just off of London’s Piccadilly Circus. As we sat drank and ate covertly discussing her liking of spanking and her being in a spanking video she emptied the content of a large brown envelope on to the table. Without a care in the world JoJo spread the contents over the table, lots of large glossy photos of her well spanked and caned bare bottom that was a deep shade of red and covered in stripes and bruises. How could I not have this girl in a video.

Dissatisfied with JoJo’s recent work the headmaster summoned her to his office but nothing could have prepared him for the forthcoming evening’s events. This was night school, a school for adults to further their education yet standing before him was for all purposes a schoolgirl in her school uniform.

The reason JoJo was well and truly spanked, strapped, paddled and ruthlessly caned on her bare bottom is revealed in the two videos… Night Howls

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