Lorraine Ansel and Sandra are caught kissing and groping each other. Both are told to strip naked and are given a hard OTK spanking followed by a harsh whipping.


An early edition of Kane featured a rather large lady called Roseanne who was George Harrison Marks secretary for a short while. The secretarial work was shared with a younger woman Suzanne Martell or Suzi as she was known. Roseanne, much to George’s annoyance had been making many mistakes when sending out copies of the magazine to his subscribers. George decided that enough was enough and that Roseanne should have her big bottom bared and spanked. Although he was more than capable of doing the job himself he decided it would be more of a punishment if he delegated the task. Suzanne had been spanked by Roseanne earlier that day for forgetting to put sugar in her tea relished the opportunity. Revenge is certainly much sweeter than any amount of sugar…

These are free images from Kane, featuring a spanking scene performed by Suzanne, (Suzi Martell) and Roseanne Roberts