Teresa May Spanked


Featuring: Glamour Model Teresa May and George Harrison-Marks

George Harrison-Marks was a wealthy businessman who was used to getting what he wanted. He was throwing a dinner party for a few of his important business associates when one of the hired hostesses, Teresa May, began to act rudely towards his guests.

He had had enough and decided to take matters into his own hands. He called Teresa over to him and pulled her onto his lap. He then proceeded to spank her until she was in tears. He told her that she needed to show respect to his guests, or there would be more of the same.

Afterwards, Teresa was more than apologetic and promised to never act rudely again. She thanked George for teaching her a lesson and promised to be more respectful in the future.

The dinner party eventually resumed, with Teresa playing the perfect hostess. George had given her the chance to redeem herself and she had taken it. From that day forward, Teresa was a model employee and could be counted on to be polite and courteous to all of George’s guests.

The story of George and Teresa’s spanking session had become a bit of a legend amongst George’s staff. They all knew now that if they stepped out of line, they could be sure to expect the same treatment from George.

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