A short while ago I asked on twitter (X) if anyone anyone had been punished at school and if they had and would like to share their experience to drop us an email. if I’m honest I really didn’t expect to get a response but tonight Saturday August the 26th I received an email from Mr. A. C. who has shared a few of his experiences.

Read on…

Yes I was punished at school in the 1960’s and the memories are still fresh in my mind!

In 1964, at the age of 11, I joined my senior school, which was in the west end of Newcastle. It was classed as a technical school and was a mixed school.

My school used a strap to punish the boys on the buttocks. The girls would receive a tawse to the hand but the girls were rarely physically punished. Corporal punishment was still common in those days. However, there were early signs of it being phased out but that took another 20 years. I believe all teachers at my school were free to leather but not all took the option. Some of the male teachers and some of the female teachers did and some didn’t.

I’ve got lots of anecdotes to share but I’ll tell you about my first experience leading from my first day with a single teacher. My maths teacher was Miss Sisterson. She would be in her mid to late 20’s, short, slim and without any sense of warmth. She shouldn’t have been a teacher. Her introduction to us was to the point. She stood in front of us all and gave her us her class rules, which included;

Lewdness which was her pet hate and she certainly didn’t of approve cock and balls cartoons drawn on the blackboard too, or pages of Mayfair or Men Only stuck to the board, which instigated an investigation.

Failure to hand in homework
Talking in class
Silence in class

In fact she had many rules and as we found out, she would add new ones as she saw fit. Her mood also dictated her decision to strap. At the time, I didn’t know anything about a woman’s mood but I can see it now with perhaps the reason for it.

She then went on to say, “break the rules and you will be leathered”, and reached under her jacket and withdrew a strap from over her shoulder. The room was silent and she had achieved one of her rules. She walked around the classroom and gave everyone an opportunity to hold it. No one did. She added that she had no pleasure in saying that we would find the strap extremely painful. It was as most of the boys found out. The thickness of the leather meant she only had to lightly swing the strap to give the desired effect. A full swing would want to make you cry but that would be unthinkable to do so.

If she was irritated she had the habit of removing her jacket and taking the strap in hand and tapping it against her leg as she walked. If she came to your desk she might leave it there to focus your mind. It did with fear. She was formidable with her strap. You knew you were in trouble when she called you boy, stand looking out the window, wouldn’t make eye contact, showing assertiveness and taking your arm to bend you over.

My first leathering came as result of me being tripped up by another boy as I came into class. She didn’t find it funny, kept me to one side until everyone filed into class. She stood there tapping her foot saying she was waiting. I didn’t realise she was waiting for an apology, so I was bent over and given a stroke. I was about to move away but she stopped me and accused me of insolence. She bent me over again provided me this time with a full hard swing. The classroom was in silence as usual, I wanted to rub my buttocks but all I could do is shuffle my way to my desk.

My second leathering came when someone wrote wanker in my homework book. I didn’t know it was there and she took great exception to the word. She came out with a favourite cliche of hers, “This will hurt me more than you”, as she prepared to strap me. It never did of course but she liked saying it to make a recipient feel better. No point in protesting. It would only mean receiving two strokes instead of one.

Miss Sisterson didn’t take to me. I was punished several times for what I considered to be innocuous reasons. I wasn’t the only one. I was only eleven at the time remember. Writing this piece made my realise that my anecdotes about Miss Sisterson were never ending or less painful.

I will end by fast forwarding to when I was twenty-two. A week before Christmas and I was travelling back from Aston University by train and who should come and sit at my table for four? The woman who took corporal punishment to an art form. I spoke to her first as she didn’t recognise me. I had grown up and strangely, she had a certain charm and saw as a woman and not as a woman with a strap. I was sat opposite her but couldn’t talk candidly. Lots of questions for her unasked.

Regards… A.C.

Well A. C. that left me wanting to know more. What happened, did you leave it at that or did you want to relive your experience of her strapping your bottom, perhaps your bare bottom? I’m sure there are many like me who would love to know.

An intrigued C. J.

The above images of Lady Nina Birch are courtesy of our friend Mistress Sidonia and The English Mansion

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