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BACK TO THE OLD WAYS Lizzy has broken a curfew after being warned that more grown-up, responsible behavior was expected of her. As she can’t seem to actually be responsible, Paul decides that a return to her former method of punishment is required, and Lizzy gets a well-deserved bedtime spanking. More Previews from this Studio

KITTY CATHERINE – LATE FEES Kitty has all but forgotten the auto loan she took out five years ago. The lender however, has not and sends a debt collector to visit Kitty. Kennedy Kollections comprises a formerly encountered private detective, now reduced by economic hardship to debt collection. Clearly Kitty does not have any possibility…

CARELESS CLEO Cleo forgot to turn off the tap before leaving for school this morning and flooded the bathroom! Now she finds herself having an early bedtime and a spanking to go with it. Watch as Cleo has her jammies taken down and her bottom smacked, first with Paul’s hand and then with her hairbrush….

BREATHLESS XENA Xena has been very careless and left her asthma inhaler at home. Having borrowed a replacement and ensuring Xena is OK, Paul decides she needs to be punished for placing herself at risk. This lesson is delivered across the seat of Xena’s pink panties, with first Paul’s hand and then her mother’s hairbrush…

Burn Book

Burn Book Schoolgirl sisters Stevie and Skylar’s dad discovers their “Burn Book”, with heated consequences for their bottoms! Full Length Quality Version Here

Going Viral

Schoolgirl Arella finds herself in the Headmaster’s office, having seriously abused her mobile phone privileges at the expense of a sensitive and internet un-savvy teacher. Serious punishment awaits Arella courtesy of the Headmaster’s strap across her bottom. Click here to download more free samples from this set Full Length Quality Version Here

Two Grade Cs is Unacceptable

When Alex and Anabelle present their latest school report cards, Paul blows his top. The girls know very well how focused he is on top grades… and how they’re punished when they fail to meet them. So, for two terrible ‘c’s, Alex and Anabelle will shortly find themselves bending over, lifting their school skirts and…

Naughty On Purpose – Part 1

NAUGHTY ON PURPOSE – ALLY CAKES, PAUL KENNEDY Ally has been a *very* naughty girl. Which is why she finds herself in her bedroom, being punished, again. It seems Ally just cannot behave herself. The latest punishment sees Ally having her bottom smacked, still in her school uniform. However, so severe is the deterioration in…

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