KITTY CATHERINE – LATE FEES Kitty has all but forgotten the auto loan she took out five years ago. The lender however, has not and sends a debt collector to visit Kitty. Kennedy Kollections comprises a formerly encountered private detective, now reduced by economic hardship to debt collection. Clearly Kitty does not have any possibility…

Be More Like Me

After school one afternoon, Alex overhears her sister on the phone to a friend, comparing notes on a party they attended. A party which Del was expressly forbidden to attend by their dad. Alex now has a dilemma… What should she do? She should of course tell dad but to do so would result in…

Going Viral

Schoolgirl Arella finds herself in the Headmaster’s office, having seriously abused her mobile phone privileges at the expense of a sensitive and internet un-savvy teacher. Serious punishment awaits Arella courtesy of the Headmaster’s strap across her bottom. More Previews from this Studio

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