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Quiet Please Harley has invited Alex, Linny and Maddie for a sleepover. When their games become too noisy, Paul steps in to restore order and send the girls to bed with very sore bottoms Full Length Quality Version Here

Burn Book

Burn Book Schoolgirl sisters Stevie and Skylar’s dad discovers their “Burn Book”, with heated consequences for their bottoms! Full Length Quality Version Here

Good Little Spanking Slut – Part 1

Good Little Spanking Slut – Part 1 Alice is determined to get all her aggression out on Claire’s well deserving bottom. Although she is being punished by her sexy dominant roommate, Claire is turned on by the humiliating exposed punishment. Alice straddles her back, picking up a large strap to punish Claire’s voluptuous cheeks. Noticing…

Two Grade Cs is Unacceptable

When Alex and Anabelle present their latest school report cards, Paul blows his top. The girls know very well how focused he is on top grades… and how they’re punished when they fail to meet them. So, for two terrible ‘c’s, Alex and Anabelle will shortly find themselves bending over, lifting their school skirts and…

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