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Spanked by Her Brother

Spanked by Her Brother Marc was well cheesed off when many of his prized CDs were missing. He was sure he knew the culprit and he wasn’t wrong. He was so annoyed but his sister Brigella couldn’t stop laughing which made the matter worse. Brigella’s laughter soon came to an abrupt stop when her big…

Susan’s Severe Punishment

Prefects Pleasure Susan’s Severe Punishment Part 1 and Part 2 Susan Friar has been caught taking money from the younger girls saying that if they don’t pay she will find a reason to spank and cane them severely. When the headmaster discovers what his precious head girl has been up to he strips her of…

Prefect’s Pleasure

Prefect’s Pleasure – Detention Time Detention time: Samantha and Georgina are in detention. Susan walks in and informs them that she is taking the evenings detention. This time, she says their punishment won’t be just lines which no doubt they expected. As head girl she is going to spank and cane their bare bottoms which…

Free Spanking Pictures

Free Spanking Pictures

Lucy Bailey Christmas Spanking

It was Christmas morning.  Lucy Bailey had been looking forward to this day eagerly. Perched on her pillows was her two favourite cuddly Christmas soft toys Father Christmas and Sidney Snowman. Eagerly she began unwrapping the presents that had mysteriously arrived over night. Lucy had been hoping to receive some money that she could spend…

Spanked By Her Daughter

An early edition of Kane featured a rather large lady called Roseanne who was George Harrison Marks secretary for a short while. The secretarial work was shared with a younger woman Suzanne Martell or Suzi as she was known. Roseanne, much to George’s annoyance had been making many mistakes when sending out copies of the…

Games Schoolgirls Play

The Games Schoolgirls Play Feature Length Video The Games Schoolgirls Play Starring: Sally Cavendar as Sarah and Jenifyer (Catherine Corbett) as Emily. Peter Cooper as Grandpa. Sarah and Emily find a cane and it sparks off sexy fun. Sarah makes the mistake of saying Emily doesn’t have it in her to really use the cane…

Kane & Top Marks Videos

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Free Spanking Pictures

Free Spanking Pictures

Kane 74

Kane 74 features Lorraine Ansell, Brandi Bailey and Sandra Lester in still from the Kane video Errant Wives and Secretaries. Spanking Stories Seller Beware by Sara Veitch Here’s Larry by Sir Larry Grethorpe Wendy’s Spanking Confession Recorded Delivery by Stuart Rogers Eleven pages of Reader’s Letters Click here to view this magazine

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