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New Resident Vanja

New Resident Vanja Michael, a master at Girls Boarding School finds Vanja a new resident at Girls Boarding School kneeling on a wooden stool. Her long blonde hair tied in two plaits and her hands are on her head. He asks her why she is in that position. Her reply is cheeky, disrespectful and flippant….

Budget Exceeded

Budget Exceeded It is not the first time that Amelie is exceeding the budget for her cellphone. But this time Alex will not accept it again with a wink and a verbal rebuke. Finding herself across Alex lap, she finally (hopefully) learns to be more responsible with her financial matters.

Wayward Girls Need Discipline

Wayward Girls Need Discipline The girls are a disgrace to their school uniform and must dress in this for their upcoming punishment. They have a traveling disciplinarian, Mistress Zoe Page who is there to carry out the discipline alongside Head Nurse of the academy, Miss Bernadette. Three girls have their temperatures taken rectally, by the…

Prefect’s Pleasure – Detention Time

Detention time: Samantha and Georgina are in detention. Susan walks in and informs them that she is taking the evenings detention. This time, she says their punishment won’t be just lines which no doubt they expected. As head girl she is going to give the pair of the wicked schoolgirls a hard spanking and caning…

Susan’s Severe Punishment

Prefects Pleasure Susan’s Severe Punishment Part 1 and Part 2 Susan Friar has been caught taking money from the younger girls saying that if they don’t pay she will find a reason to spank and cane them severely. When the headmaster discovers what his precious head girl has been up to he strips her of…

Free Spanking Pictures

Free Spanking Pictures

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