Prefect’s Pleasure – Detention Time

Prefect’s Pleasure – Detention Time Detention time: Samantha and Georgina are in detention when Susan walks in and informs them that she is taking the evenings detention and that they won’t be getting just lines as they expected, she is going to spank and cane them which she does with a vengeance.    

Kane Spanking Magazine 74

Kane Spanking Magazine 74 Kane 74 features Lorraine Ansel, Brandi Bailey and Sandra Lester in still from the Kane video Errant Wives and Secretaries. Spanking Stories Seller Beware by Sara Veitch Here’s Larry by Sir Larry Grethorpe Wendy’s Spanking Confession Recorded Delivery by Stuart Rogers Eleven pages of Reader’s Letters Click here to view thisContinue reading Kane Spanking Magazine 74