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Spanked by Her Brother

Marc was well cheesed off when many of his prized CDs were missing. He was sure he knew the culprit and he wasn’t wrong. He was so annoyed but his sister Brigella couldn’t stop laughing which made the matter worse. Brigella’s laughter soon came to an abrupt stop when her big brother grabbed her and threw her over his knees and began spanking her. She was still laughing at his antics, that’s until he yanked her knickers down and began beating her bare bottom. Oh the indignity and shame of being spanked on the bare knowing that your big brother is getting an eyeful of your pussy.

A Sting in the Tail  Spanking Kane Video

Featuring Teresa May the UK’s Top Glamour Model

Teresa May is a young woman in her twenties carrying out a door-to-door sex survey for a well-known woman’s magazine. Little does she know the man she is interviewing gets his kicks by spanking ladies on their bare bottom. Though it’s not only spanking he loves to strap them until they are red and sore.

Teresa May Spanked

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