Tag: Johanna Sullivan

Turning Her Little Bottom Bright Red

Turning Her Little Bottom Bright Red Johanna is visiting Chelsea for a nice dinner together. When Chelsea leaves the room to check on her roast chicken, Johanna suddenly can’t resist the urge to snoop. She finds a copy of a spanking magazine, in which Chelsea is prominently featured. Surprised and fascinated by her discover of…

Borrowing Is A Bitch

Borrowing Is A Bitch Johanna lets herself into Chelsea’s closet and borrows one of Chelsea’s dresses, without asking. When Chelsea sees her garment on Johanna, who is preparing to go out, she makes her naughty roommate strip out of the dress and lay herself over Chelsea’s knees. A good, solid, bottom reddening OTK spanking follows…

Chelsea Spanks Johanna Sullivan

Chelsea Spanks Johanna Sullivan – Part 1 As is the case with all GoodSpanking newcomers, Chelsea gives her reality spanking trial to lovely redhead Johanna Sullivan. Johanna is up to the task as Chelsea begins with a good, old-fashioned OTK spanking on Johanna’s gorgeous bottom. Full Length Quality Version Here

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