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Slutty Ella Spanked By Stepmom

Slutty Ella Spanked By Stepmom We are very excited to introduce another new spanking top, Lady Jose, to MommaSpankings. In this role, she is the stepmother to Ella Raine who has not taken to her new maternal figure at all. Ella has been continually disrespectful to her new stepmom as well as dressing very inappropriately….

Don’t Fuck My Boyfriend

Cheer Practice was difficult for Ella, she had split up with her boyfriend earlier that day so she invited her friend, Arella, back to her place afterward to hang out. Ella has an ulterior motive as she knows that Arella was responsible for the break-up, after discovering texts and more incriminating evidence that she had…

Ella Paddled Hard

Ella Paddled Hard Ella is given severe swats with the wooden paddle at the beginning of the day. She is then sent to class but told to return after school for further swats. Ella’s fears prove to be true, the second part of her punishment got even harder, even more painful and turns her buttocks…

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