Cheer Practice was difficult for Ella, she had split up with her boyfriend earlier that day so she invited her friend, Arella, back to her place afterward to hang out. Ella has an ulterior motive as she knows that Arella was responsible for the break-up, after discovering texts and more incriminating evidence that she had been fucking her no-good boyfriend. Arella is confronted with the knowledge and denies it initially but Ella is determined to exact some form of justice and takes her over the lap to give the floozy a deserved spanking.

Ella slut shames her former friend and continues to spank her hard with her hand before finding a brush to continue her good work. Arella’s bottom is burning in shame after the hairbrush spanking as she is told to get out… Losing what little dignity remained, as well as her friendship with Ella, all over some silly boy!

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