Please welcome Stella making her first-ever appearance anywhere online. She is a true submissive with a bratty streak so it comes as no surprise that this debut film has Stella punished by her coach, Sarah Gregory, for some serious attitude adjustment. Sarah needs to have it out with her precocious cheerleader, who thinks she is above being disciplined and better than everyone else. She is about to find out, the hard way, that she shouldn’t upset her coach.

She takes Stella over her lap and quickly spanks the brat with her hard hand. Then Sarah embarrasses the naughty girl when she removes Stella’s panties and what little remaining dignity she has left as the hand spankings continue. Sarah had also promised Stella a first-time whacking with the infamous painful wooden ‘Bad Cheerleader’ paddle. That time has arrived and a far more contrite Stella counts out the 10 measured swats.

She winces and feels the burn of the dense wood across her bare buttocks. Stella is told to re-evaluate her contribution to the team before the next practice.

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