The discipline of the two eldest girls, Rebecca and Caroline, continues later that evening. However, this time the shopkeeper (Miss Foster) is invited to participate. Both young ladies were told to write a letter of apology which they would read out aloud to her. The following punishment takes place as each miscreant is dealt with once more at the hands of their mothers, Miss Baker and Mrs. Ridley.

They are both given a stern scolding before being taken back over the maternal lap for a spanking on their pajamas, knickers, and naturally on the bare bottom. Miss Foster looks on with satisfaction at the thorough punishment taking place. After each girl’s spanking, they must then read their letters to Miss Foster before she spanks them, in turn, with the hairbrush across their already sore, throbbing bare bottoms. The miscreants are then sent off to an early bedtime with visibly, smarting red bottoms.

These are free images from Momma Spankings, featuring a spanking scene performed by Sarah Gregory, Rachel Adams, Miss Bernadette, Laura Lux and Clara Hewitt.

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