Tag: Cheerleader Spankings

Don’t Fuck My Boyfriend

Cheer Practice was difficult for Ella, she had split up with her boyfriend earlier that day so she invited her friend, Arella, back to her place afterward to hang out. Ella has an ulterior motive as she knows that Arella was responsible for the break-up, after discovering texts and more incriminating evidence that she had…

Stella’s Attitude Adjustment

Please welcome Stella making her first-ever appearance anywhere online. She is a true submissive with a bratty streak so it comes as no surprise that this debut film has Stella punished by her coach, Sarah Gregory, for some serious attitude adjustment. Sarah needs to have it out with her precocious cheerleader, who thinks she is…


SPANKED AND STRAPPED BY PRINCIPAL Lily was rude in class and sent to the principal for a detention punishment instead of cheer practice after school. This is not the first time she has been kicked out of class for being rude and refusing to do her work. This time the strict principal knows just how…


WELCOME TO THE TEAM Rosie Ann sat on the only chair in the room, waiting nervously because she was told that her Special Initiation was to take place there. All the girls in the squad knew what happened here and Rosie was about to find out why she had joined the most successful cheer squad….

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