Any Excuse To Spank Arella

This is a little different than what we would normally show at Cheerleader Spankings but after filming Arella in a previous role we were so enamored with her appearance that we decided to showcase her in something strikingly offbeat. Arella requested multiple times for us to spank her further, so we decided to keep her in that cute sexy uniform… Because, after all… Who would need an excuse to spank her some more?

In three separate scenes, Arella is spanked for the sake of it in some revealing and intimate positions. The first is over her coach’s lap and she receives a hard hand spanking with her panties removed and her legs spread. The second scene moves to her bent over the couch, legs parted, as her privates are bared and exposed with a second camera angle capturing her facial reactions. She is spanked with a heavy leather Reformatory Strap and her bottom glows from the attention it continually receives.

In the final installment, Arella is given an intimate spanking in the wheelbarrow position. Love it or loathe it, Arella is perfectly made for this special spanking position, and dressed in her cute cheer uniform this just seems too good an excuse not to have her spanked this way! All in all, this is a great showcase of beautiful Arella Bell getting the spankings she craves; Who are we to argue with her?

Full Length Quality Version Here

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