Punished In Public By Matron

We are privileged to showcase the talents of this awesome couple, Matilda Caesar and Miss Iceni, in their first film together for us in this medical mayhem spanking drama. Matron (Miss Iceni) accosts Nurse Matilda in the corridor after receiving yet more reports about her suggestive behavior with poor Doctor Cooper of Geriatrics at the Royal Queen’s Hospital. Reputations are easily ruined with idle hearsay and he has asked the matron to look into Matilda’s flirtatious behavior, especially after Matilda admits to leaving a gift of her used underwear on the good doctor’s desk!

She is taken over Matron’s lap for a spanking, as she too, has a reputation for discipline to uphold. However, even she is shocked to find that Matilda is not wearing any panties and is told to go to the storeroom and bring back a regulation pair to put on for the renewal of the nurse’s punishment. Matron now ritually pulls down the knickers and continues to spank the naughty madam’s bare, reddening bottom in the public corridor, and already a janitor has seen the noisy discipline, how many others will see?

The discipline continues as Matron produces two of her portable thick leather straps that she had been hiding, and they are both also used across the young nurse’s backside! The shame and humiliation of having one’s bottom smacked and strapped in public finally appear to get through to the nurse, who is told to stand and face the wall for more humiliating corner time. However, once Matron leaves, the flirtatious brat quickly covers herself up and departs, proving that she has learned nothing! We are sure that you will see these two marvelous ladies in action together again at our sites very soon!

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