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WHATEVER! This was filmed at last year’s Fetishcon starring one of our favorite performers we have worked with, Anastasia Rose. This story is not a reflection on her at all, but we wanted to make a light-hearted film of the occasional performer out there that let producers down… It’s a two-way street, as production companies…

SLUTTY STUDENT NURSE Student nurse, Anastasia Rose, turns up late once more for the morning check up of patients at the clinic under the supervision of Head Nurse, Samantha. To add insult to injury, nurse Samantha notices that Anastasia is wearing provocative underwear and sexy stockings that anyone can see underneath her ridiculously short uniform….

Little Thief

STEALING EARNS THE HAIRBRUSH Anastasia has been caught by her coach stealing from the uniform clothing fund which is used to help the poorer girls purchase the correct outfits. How low could she get? She was sent home immediately before the big game and her mother is waiting for her at home, seething and embarrassed…

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