Slutty Student Nurse

Student nurse, Anastasia Rose, turns up late once more for the morning check up of patients at the clinic under the supervision of Head Nurse, Samantha. To add insult to injury, nurse Samantha notices that Anastasia is wearing provocative underwear and sexy stockings that anyone can see underneath her ridiculously short uniform. Some of the elderly patients could have a heart attack looking at her! Samantha wastes no time taking her ‘in hand’ as she administers some much needed discipline to this slutty student who seems to not care for the wellbeing of the patients.

Her skimpy panties are pulled down and her bared bottom is spanked until her cheeks start to turn a shameful, burning red. The Head Nurse places the moaning slut on the examination table, continuing to spank the naughty girl’s exposed naked cheeks before she produces a leather paddle reserved for the worst performing students. Spanked and strapped on all fours… She is reminded of what she should be doing and learning as the leather implement turns the underperforming student’s bottom a further shade of crimson before being left alone to reflect upon her foolish behavior.