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Alora Spanked By The Boss

Alora Spanked By The Boss, Paddled, Strapped And Penalty Swats – Video Free video with Arielle Lane and Alora Jaymes from Worst Behavior Productions. Pretty Alora Jaymes is in trouble with the boss for poor job performance. Arielle Lane, the boss, takes her over her lap and spanks her, then she makes Alora go soak…

Cheating The Taxi Driver

Cheating The Taxi Driver – Video Free video with Kami Robertson from English Spankers. Kami Robertson is a bit of a chancer and takes an expensive taxi to get her home. The problem is that she has no money but does not tell the driver. Once he finds out he is not best pleased. He…

Curvy Brunette Spanked And Paddled To Tears

Curvy Brunette Spanked And Paddled To Tears On Her Big Round Ass A curvy brunette suffers a very humiliating and painful experience when she is spanked and paddled to tears on her big round bare bottom by a much younger woman.

Bernadette Slut Shamed Again

Bernadette Slut Shamed Again featuring Miss Bernadette Free video with Miss Bernadette from AAA Spanking. While on vacation, Bernadette is alone and horny. She doesn’t get the attention she deserves from her ungrateful man so she enjoys pleasuring herself with a vibrator she snuck into her suitcase. Sadly for her, John returns early to the…

The Wooden School Paddle

FHS Classics – The Wooden School Paddle The effect of a wooden school paddle on Lucy Lauren’s beautiful, jutting bare bottom is dramatic in No Room at the Top. A fleshy bounce on impact, a yelp as she struggles to stay in position over the desk. Calling off the swats makes it even more intense,…

Toasted Buns

Northern Spanking Classics – Toasted Buns David is having some problems with his Au Pair but he knows what the solution is… Spank her and severely cane her of course! Surprisingly it seems that Jenna is not averse to the idea either! Full Length Quality Version Here

My Life

Northern Spanking Classics – My Life Amelia Jane Rutherford is to be punished for breaking a rule… This was a very special film for us. Amelia Jane and Stephen beautifully captured the emotion of a real Domestic Discipline-involved couple perfectly, and we believe this scene to be pure magic. Full Length Quality Version Here

Painful Consequences

Painful Consequences It starts with a phone call to Amelia’s landlady. She has to report some extensive damage to the house she is renting. The land lady comes and inspects the damage and spends some time listening to the obvious lies and excuses for the damage being given by Amelia. It soon becomes obvious that…

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