Anastasia has been caught by her coach stealing from the uniform clothing fund which is used to help the poorer girls purchase the correct outfits. How low could she get? She was sent home immediately before the big game and her mother is waiting for her at home, seething and embarrassed after being told about this unfortunate incident. Anastasia has little to say and admits she has spent most of what she took which infuriates her mom further. She is spanked across the bare bottom but this time a simple spanking will not do.

For committing such a nasty low thing, the dreaded Mason & Pearson hairbrush is wielded and to add further humiliation, Anastasia must ask for it to be used across her bare buttocks. Her cheeks soon turn a shameful red from the maternal punishment with the brush. She learns that there are real consequences and that stealing from your own is one of the lowest things anyone could do! Anastasia is told that she will have to apologise to the girls and let them know about the punishment she received across her poor bare bottom!

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