Layla Bird works in the care home run by strict Sarah Stern. Sarah phones Layla whilst she is off duty and orders her into work to sort out a big problem. Layla has, it turns out, been giving extra services to some of the care homes older gentlemen. Sexual favoUrs given by this busty, sexy nurse seem to be very popular in the care home but now the home is getting a bad reputation. Sarah does not want to lose the services of Layla and so she insists that she will impose a strict regression routine to take Layla back to better and more well behaved ways.

She must at all times refer to Sarah as Mommy Sarah and she must stick to a routine laid down by Sarah for dress and general behaviour. Any transgression from these rules will be dealt with by swift and painful spankings. Layla is sent to her room where she is reading the rules and to her surprise gets quite turned on, so much so that she takes a big dildo and masturbates to a climax. Sarah witnesses this and so the first of many punishments is given there and then.

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