The Reluctant Au Pair – Part 1 – Video

Free video with Monica and Sarah Stern from English Spankers.

Monica has been employed as an Au Pair. She is good at her job and her young charges seem to like her very much. Her employer however is not as impressed, especially when a parking ticket comes in the post. Monica, it seems has parked in a parent and young person bay without the young person being in the car! That in itself is bad enough, but the situation is actually much worse. Monica is not even supposed to be driving the car!

The girl almost immediately admits that she is responsible for the ticket and claims that this was the first and the last time she had ever taken the car. A good Au pair is very difficult to get and keep. If Monica loses her job it could take months to find a suitable replacement and who knows, if they will be any better? It is suggested to Monica that in order to keep her job that she should accept another form of punishment.

She readily agrees and soon finds herself over the knee getting the first spanking of her adult life. Monica cannot believe what is happening to her. She hasn’t been spanked before and it is so very painful. Next to come down is her knickers and the slaps are now on the bare. Her employer does not hold back and gives Monica a really good old fashioned bare bottom spanking that leaves her cheeks bright red and sore.

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