Layla is caught late at night when she should be in her bed, in the kitchen eating and drinking. This is against the strict rules that Sarah has given to Layla and which are there to guide her behavior. For this she is placed over the knee and given a spanking with the hand and then with a leather slipper and warned that there will be a knickers inspection later. The inspection turns up soiled and dirty knickers, this is a serious infringement of the rules and severe punishment will follow. Layla is sent to bed where her temperature is taken rectal.

She is ordered to put on her little girls school uniform and report for punishment. The first part of her punishment is a spanking over school knickers and then on the bare bottom. Next Layla has to kneel on the punishment stool, bottom well in the air, as Sarah swats her bare bottom with a lexan paddle. This is hellishly painful and leaves Layla with a very bruised and marked bottom which she has to stand in the window and display. A very painful punishment for this mature lady who has never been punished this way before.

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