Lying Dolly Learns Her Lesson

Dolly is the type of brat who thinks she can get away with just about anything; At school, at home, and even at cheer practice. Recently, however… Dolly is starting to learn that her behavior has consequences through much-needed discipline used on her the old-fashioned way, with spankings and such. This latest incident infuriates the school nurse as Dolly attempts to lie and fake an illness (whilst still in her cheer uniform) to get her way.

The nurse, Miss Bernadette, has seen all the tricks these girls use. She humors Dolly at first but decides to see how far the silly girl will continue with her deception by taking a humiliating rectal temperature-taking. Dolly stares at her in disbelief as the thermometer is lubed with greasy Vaseline and her lies are tested as the cold glass enters her tight butthole. Of course, there is no fever and Dolly is scolded and takes a further spanking across her already punished sore bottom!

The cheerleader is shamed and spread on the examination table as the spanking continues with a leather strap that stings the lying brat’s bottom until the nurse is satisfied that a lesson (for now) has been taught – that lying is never the answer!

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