Falling In Love With Spanking Again – The Wood

Barb (Melody Nore) and her Husband Terry have had their relationship fall on hard times. He’s at work a lot, and she’s always on her damn phone, ignoring the duties of the household while the family falls apart. When they first met, part of why these two became lovers and then became husband and wife was that both of them believed in true domestic discipline. However, as the years passed Barb and Terry fell away from the very ways that brought them together, they became complacent and Barb began to lack the discipline that she needed to be the best woman that she could be.

When Terry confronts her, she knows that the situation is serious. He talks about the things that are going wrong, and wonders if they should take a break? He also offers another solution to the problem and reminds Barb about real corporal punishment and invites her to bend over right then and there in her tight jeans, revisiting the painful journey that she used to regularly experience. A spanking with his hand heats up her petite and tight bottom right away, it was clear that Barb was going to struggle through this punishment as it had been a long time since she’d had her bottom tanned.

When her jeans came down and that heavy hand was smacking those cheeks, Barb started to remember how much a spanking could hurt, and how hard her Husband’s hand could rain down on her tender cheeks! A leather paddle would be used next, and if anyone would have come home at this point they would have heard the hard smacks, along with Barb crying out in frustration, shame, and pain. It was then discussed that she should put on a schoolgirl outfit and return for the rest of the punishment dressed like the girl that he had fallen in love with years before, and sure enough that’s how she returned.

In fact, as soon as Barb was back into position a very stingy wooden implement was pulled out and applied to Barb’s already red rear. At this point, Barb was a mess and she’d accept whatever discipline that she was instructed to take, she recalled distinctly why she loved this man, and why she chose Terry to lead the way. Memories flooded back to her of good times while waves of searing heat washed over the throbbing buns of Barb.

Again and again. The final implements used were a wooden paddle and a very solid hairbrush, in fact this was the hardest spanking that Barb had ever received, it certainly set new standards for the relationship. And speaking of the relationship, Barb’s life started to become complete again. The healing had begun. It would be fair to say that this all happened because her husband cared enough to stand up and me the man of the house, making the effort to spend some quality time spanking the bare behind of the woman that he fell in love with, and fell in love with again.

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