Sarah Spanks Slutty Dolly

Dolly has been especially slutting it up over at the hotel pool in Aruba taking lots of sexy selfies. This is a family-friendly resort, and Sarah is having none of this lewd behavior. She confronts her sassy friend about how she should act like a proper young lady in public or risk getting kicked out of the snooty resort for making people uncomfortable. She takes her slutty bestie over her lap for a lesson the old-fashioned way that she knows will get this lewd young lady’s attention.

Dolly cannot believe that she is getting a spanking but accepts her fate knowing that this is well deserved! She finally admits that she is sorry and won’t do it again but only after her legs are spread wide in an embarrassing position bent over on the bed on all fours. Sarah straddles the shameless harlot and continues spanking across her exposed reddening cheeks. The spankings only stop after Sarah believes the lesson has been learned but she then takes photos of Dolly’s burning bum to keep as a reminder in case she ever starts acting up again!

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