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Careful What You Wish For

At FetishCon, Dolly and Kiki asked Johnny if he could cane them hard, as they want to be marked. He said, ‘Alright!’ and we decided to make a film about it! They each get 24 strokes broken into two sets of 12. He uses his special ‘bitey’ cane which will be sure to leave lots…

Deserving Of The Cane

DESERVING OF THE CANE – GODDESS DOMMELIA, MISTRESS PETITE The fear of not knowing… not knowing how many strokes you will get of the dreaded cane, not knowing when it’s going to end, not knowing how cruel the two Dommes handling your punishment will feel. This slave had never really taken a serious beating with…


MARA’S MARKING – SUPER HD WITH MISS MARA MAYHEM Miss Mara Mayhem decides to leave a lasting impression on her slave with the aid of numerous impact tools. She builds up the intensity as she goes, culminating with a heteroclite (and acutely painful!) caning to the upper underarm.


SANDS OF TIME – MISS JESSICA WOOD Miss Jessica Wood has a novel way of deciding a man’s punishment and this poor chap has been very unlucky. Not only is he going to receive a very hard bare bottom caning he’s also going to get his backside whipped with a Sjambok. Rather him than me.


SISSY SCHOOL A beautiful strict blonde Mistress in heels trains a class of sissy schoolgirls with a hard bare bottom caning

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