Punished On Company Time

Punished On Company Time – Bent Over By The Boss – Part 2 Minx often slacks off when her boss is away from the office. The phone has been ringing non stop and a handful of customer complaints have mad their way to the boss. Catching her in the break room, Minx is in for…

I Take Pleasure In My Pain

I Take Pleasure In My Pain This is a film made for Alora’s master. He knows just how much she enjoys taking pain provided there is an element of pleasure involved. Sarah and Alora have played together many times and Sarah knows exactly how to help Alora take a huge amount of punishment and push…


MARA’S MARKING – SUPER HD WITH MISS MARA MAYHEM Miss Mara Mayhem decides to leave a lasting impression on her slave with the aid of numerous impact tools. She builds up the intensity as she goes, culminating with a heteroclite (and acutely painful!) caning to the upper underarm.


SANDS OF TIME – MISS JESSICA WOOD Miss Jessica Wood has a novel way of deciding a man’s punishment and this poor chap has been very unlucky. Not only is he going to receive a very hard bare bottom caning he’s also going to get his backside whipped with a Sjambok. Rather him than me.

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