At FetishCon, Dolly and Kiki asked Johnny if he could cane them hard, as they want to be marked. He said, ‘Alright!’ and we decided to make a film about it! They each get 24 strokes broken into two sets of 12. He uses his special ‘bitey’ cane which will be sure to leave lots of deep welts and bruises. The two girls are giddy with excitement for their caning. They wear cute matching outfits and are eager to start…

As is Johnny!. Once the caning starts, they immediately realize just how painful this will be and think maybe they made the wrong decision but they still want to see it through competitively as a test of their endurance. They each cry out in pain as the cane strikes their bare flesh. As the title of this awesome film suggests… They should be careful in the future about what they wish for.

This is a free video from Sarah Gregory Spanking, featuring a spanking scene performed by Kiki Cali and Dolly Mattel. and Johnny Lake..

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