Alora has decided to take her mother’s new vibrator and introduce it to her girlfriend, Essie. Upon coming home, Mother is less than pleased to find the two naughty girls up to no good with her vibrator!.She lectures them both sternly before deciding to give them a much-needed good old-fashioned punishment. If they are going to steal her belongings they deserve to be spanked. They are bent over the bed, side by side, for a bare bottom spanking with Mom’s stinging hand. Both girls squeal in pain but that doesn’t make Mommy stop the embarrassing discipline as they are spanked next to each other.

However, this is far from over, as it is time for an even more humiliating punishment to teach these naughty slutty thieves a proper lesson. They are put on the bed in the diaper position with their legs spread wide like the little sluts they are and Mommy spanks them with the hairbrush to show them just how upset she is! From the earlier fun highs with Essie, poor Alora remarks that ‘This is the worst day ever!’