Bella has been summoned to Headmistress Scarlet’s office and she looks nervous when asked about the latest tests that Headmistress is looking over. It is obvious that she has been cheating… And not very well since she copied the work almost word for word. Bella can not defend her actions and accepts the consequences of her foolish actions. She is taken over the lap of the stern Headmistress who wastes no time spanking the naughty schoolgirl with her tight regulation knickers pulled down. Bella’s bottom soon turns red as she squirms and wriggles with her legs kicking while the hard hand-smacking continues.

To teach Bella a proper lesson, she is told that she will receive a hard caning, bent over the large desk. Feeling vulnerable and ashamed, Bella hears the swish of the cane as the headmistress tests the strength of the rattan rod. The cane bites into Bella’s already sore cheeks when the first strokes are applied. By the end of her caning, she is told to compose herself and leave the office knowing that she is one very sore sorry girl who learns that cheats never prosper!