This custom film stars Sarah Gregory, Audrey Sugarsmak, and Amy Fox. All three of them work for the same company and Audrey is the deputy sales manager. She confronts Sarah about not making the numbers and being up to company standards. Sarah tries to explain that there has been a lot going on including her sister’s wedding. However, Audrey is not having any of it and plans to humiliate Sarah by using a special wooden paddle… As that is how matters of discipline are dealt with. Sarah is so embarrassed to have her smart work pants pulled down by her superior but she knows she has to submit if she wants to keep her job.

Sarah’s cheeks are parted and bared, inspected and fully exposed by a smirking Audrey so that she can see everything before bending her employee over the desk for a hard paddling with the Company Paddle. Afterward, an embarrassed Sarah is sent on her way rubbing her sore red bottom. Fast forward to a few weeks later… Miss Amy Fox has now been assigned the role of deputy sales manager and Audrey has been demoted. Apparently, her work ethic had been woefully slipping. Audrey comes in surprised that she now has to submit to the same humiliating treatment from the new boss, Amy…

Who then advises Sarah on how to discipline her in the same embarrassing manner. Karma is a bitch and Audrey soon learns the hard way as she is placed on all fours over the desk, her legs spread and splayed wide, for further intimate humiliation throughout her double wooden paddling punishment.

Next, her plagiarising palms are tawsed before being given a mean, no-nonsense 12 stroke caning to her bottom and backs of the thighs. This punishment leaves Willow a sobbing sorry little girl who promises never to be cheating again.

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