Mommy is very upset with her naughty girl, Andy, as she had misbehaved earlier that day at her Dad and Stepmom’s house being vulgar. Mom will not suffer from this behavior as it naturally reflects poorly on her. Andy was spanked earlier that day by Dad but that wasn’t good enough. Mommy always uses the wooden hairbrush when Andy is naughty! She calls Andy into her room early that evening and scolds an already contrite sorry girl. Andy knows she is in for more punishment and this time it’s going to be much harder.

She goes over the imposing maternal lap for another mean hand spanking on her already aching sore bottom. This is followed by a humiliating and painful punishment with the wooden hairbrush after she is told to present the implement and ask Mom to spank her with it… How embarrassing! Andy is left to contemplate the consequences of her earlier vulgarity and is one sorry, sore young madam knowing the coming bedtime will be a most uncomfortable experience!

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