Coming home to find Veronica and her friend Lily looking at smut, her Step Dad has the perfect time to confront her for all the suspicious charges on his credit card. Convinced that his angelic Veronica has been led astray by her naughty new friend, he informs both girls they will be spanked in front of each other. Veronica goes shyly across her stern step dad’s lap as Lily sits by her side for support. She is more embarrassed as her dress is pulled up and her pantie covered bottom is spanked hot and red.

Moaning under the heavy swats, she soon sounds sorry for her behavior. Since they got in trouble together, lily is given a choice. Take the same punishments Veronica gets at home or not be allowed to spend time with her best friend. Lily crawls across his lap to take the spanking she deserves. With her head in Veronica’s lap, she moans seductively as his big hand smacks down. Soon her dress is pulled up for a hard fast hand spanking on the seat of her panties, that don’t protect much of her little bottom.

The girls are still giggling as his hand turns their bottoms bright red, a tune that will soon change when they find out they will be belted and paddled. Veronica is first to lay across the couch, Lily gives her a reassuring kiss on the head as her Step Dad removes his belt. Raised high in the air, the double over leather cracks across Veronica’s tender bottom. Whimpering with each lick, she is embarrassed as he peals her panties down to her thighs. Crying out and whimpering as her bare bottom is belt whipped, Lily tries to console her as she soaks up the pain of the belt.

Switching positions, it is Lily’s turn to feel the heat of the belt on her poor bottom. Her head rests in Veronica’s lap as she obediently turns her bottom up for discipline. Turns out, the bad influence actually seems to enjoy her punishment. Pulling her panties down, Lily has her bare ass belt whipped long and hard until he is sure she is not enjoying it any more. Lily and Veronica are bent over the couch, panties pulled down exposing their punished bottoms. Measuring the big wood paddle across their cheeks, the swats begin to fall.

Ordered to take a wide stance, the girls are soon shrieking in pain as their bottoms are bruised. The girls promise not to use step dad’s credit card for any more internet porn. Counting off 15 punishing swats, swollen bruised bottoms will serve as a lasting reminder to behave when they are together.

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