Tag: Knickers Down

Correction Program

FHS Classics – Taylor Ash – Correction Program Young executive Taylor Ash is focused on her Correction Program. When she lies to her counsellor about going to the gym, she accepts that she must be punished. Ordered to pull down her panties and take the uncomfortable lunge position by Ms Wallace, Taylor endures 40 stinging…

The House Sitter

FHS Classics – Kelsey Baker – The House Sitter Leaving an expensive car showroom unlocked costs pert House-Sitter Kelsey Baker’s bare butt tearful licks with Mr Bateman’s leather paddle. Let’s hope that she has learned her lesson and will be more responsible from now on. Hot Reaction Cam and replays!

Her Perfect Bare Bottom Caned

Amelia Has Her Perfect Bare Bottom Caned, In An Epic Series Finale Picture a perfectly proportioned bare bottom bent over a desk, and a springy rattan cane raised high to swing down and bite into Amelia Rutherford’s buttocks to dramatic effect. It’s the series finale of A Taste for Fashion, as Amelia submits to a…

Boot Camp

FHS Classics – Carly Russell – Boot Camp Blue-eyed brunette Carly Russell is sent to Boot Camp for shoplifting, truancy and vandalism. This young tearaway thinks she’s immune to rules and consequences. But Mr Strickman is about to set her straight on that illusion! Carly is shocked to discover that corporal punishment is used, and…

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