Essie Quinn Spanked Strapped and Soaped

Essie is a young lady who is out of control and has been lacking real discipline until her new stepfather takes control of the situation. She is incorrigible, having been punished at school often but this latest incident at home has upset everyone. Stealing money from her parents and swearing continually at her new stepdad is the final straw! He tells her that her nasty thieving hands will be strapped and her filthy potty mouth thoroughly soaped.

Essie shows little contrition and no respect but takes her punishment starting with the severe strapping of her hands. She must look him in the eye as each swinging stroke of leather licks the open palms making them turn red. Of course, Essie’s bared bottom is not ignored and her cheeks are smacked equally hard, as she contends with the pain in her hands and the aching reminder below. The promised mouth soaping takes place in the bathtub and her filthy mouth is soaped repeatedly not once, or twice…

But three long times as she drools and drips the suds of shame from her frothiest mouth soaping ever! Whilst she receives this, her stepfather’s soapy hands also pay attention to her bare, wet buttocks… As this stings more! By the end, the poor girl is left alone to gather her thoughts and wash out the suds from her mouth with water. This is one punishment Essie won’t soon forget!

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