Harley’s Predicament Spanking – Part 1 – Strapping

In the past, Harley has had behavioral problems and certainly had to endure more than one spanking punishment from her Daddy. In fact, based on Harley’s poor behavior, the Daddy and Stepdaughter began a regular corporal punishment regimen that saw Harley’s actions and attitude improve over time. You can imagine his disappointment though when Harley confessed to getting into an accident with her Dad’s truck!

He was disappointed, and Harley knew what was coming. She would end up bare bottom and sore from a spanking. Harley’s Daddy took her right over his knee and began spanking her round bottom in her tight leggings. The sting of his hand only seemed to get worse with each blow, and the punishment had just begun. Next he slid the leggings down and proceeded to spank her harder in just her thong, she could feel his heartbreak with every single smack.

Harley knew what was coming next, her father bared her behind completely and continued to spank her swollen cheeks, the discomfort was familiar to her, but never became any easier. To matters worse, she was instructed to get up on the bed on all fours, fully exposed and embarrassed for more of the hand, followed up by a long licking with his belt. She hated Daddy’s belt, for the most part, but there were those times when she couldn’t help feeling like a dose of the strap was exactly what she deserved and needed.

To pay for the damages to the truck, Harley would be sent to work at the house of a friend of her Daddy. One would think at this point Harley would be responsible and behaving in remarkable fashion, however, Harley’s day of spanking wouldn’t be over, in fact, she may have been on the road to a lifetime of punishment!

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