Trisha and Derek have been dating for a couple of years now, they tend to like a lot of the same things and that’s part of what keeps them together. One of the things that they both like is going fetish parties, it allows them to feel free while expressing themselves in ways that they both love and enjoy. One of the things that Derek does not like however, is that Trisha is often running ridiculously late getting ready, often resulting in the couple missing half of the parties that they go to!

Unfortunately for Trisha, Derek has had enough of her tardiness and her sassy mouth. He decides to take matters into his own hands, more specifically, he decides to take Trisha over his knee for a good old fashioned spanking. It should be pointed out that Trisha likes a spanking or two when it’s for fun, but she despises punishment spankings as it tends to remind her of the spankings that she used to get throughout her early years.

Anyways, Trisha receives a spanking over the knee in her sexy outfit that has her struggling early on in the punishment! She has a low pain tolerance, so the smacks to her cute buns cause true suffering for the sassy woman. As the sting sets in all Trisha wants to do is get to the party, but she knows that for their relationship to work, she’s going to have to take the spanking until Derek is finished!

Trisha’s bottom gets redder and sorer as the hand spanking goes on, things become even worse when Derek decides to reach into his kink bag, bringing out leather straps and paddles! There’s no doubt that Trisha is a sexy woman, but Derek is determined to earn some respect, and it just so happens that deep down Trisha deeply respects a man that will take her over his knee when she becomes too big for her britches.

Watch the entire way through for an alternate ending. You’re going to love this video and you’ll certainly love the debut of the lovely and gorgeous Trisha!

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This video features a spanking scene with Trisha.

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