Smitten Sorella is the type of girl who ignores well-meaning advice, believing she knows best in any situation. She has been causing issues with one of her neighbours, often cutting through his yard and trampling over some plants to shave a few minutes before getting home a little earlier from cheer practice. Her luck runs out when she is caught red-handed by Mr. Osborne who marches her into his house for a stern lecture, after getting permission to punish the selfish brat from her folks as he sees fit!

He wastes no time taking Smitten over his lap for a good old-fashioned spanking as he uses his hard stinging hand to smack her bare buttocks a dark, shameful red in no time at all. She wriggles over his knee as he reigns down retribution but more is to follow… He stands up, removing his leather belt as he places her face down on the sofa. Her bare bottom is an inviting target as Smitten receives a painful belting she will not soon forget. Before leaving, she is told, in no uncertain terms, that cutting through the yard is strictly out of bounds and future infractions will have more consequences.

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