It’s a pleasant surprise when we unearth an already edited film (which we thought we had released… But find out it never went out) especially when it features one of our favourite performers we ever worked with, one Miss Adriana Evans! This was filmed nearly 10 years prior to this release date, so thank goodness for digital record keeping which has made sure the film remains pristine as the day it was made. Adriana visits her sex therapist and he realises the only way to deal with her behavior is with a humiliating and embarrassing bare-bottom spanking.

She must endure the tried and tested punishment ritual of a scolding; The lectures and the constant reminder that she is splayed, half-naked, over her therapist’s lap on his couch. He relishes turning her bottom a bright, burning red with a firm-handed spanking before he has Adriana face the wall for extended, reflective corner time for the remainder of her session!